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The velocity of changes in regulatory and compliance policies affects operational risk in new and profound ways. Operational Managers must rethink how these changes impact their overall business operations. Historically, continuity planning has been implemented as insurance against operational discontinuity. Dynamics in the current business environment- such as changes in the socio-political environment, climactic changes, and technological innovations-force managers to contemplate continuity in terms of overall operational resilience.

Rom-Flex takes a different approach when it comes to continuity planning. Our experience as contingency planners in the public and private sectors affords us real-world experience in understanding the matrix of threats that can impact your business operations. We take continuity planning a step further by focusing on making your operations, and collaterally, your organization, more resilient to operational disruptions. Our approach is holistic; our Framework for Operational Resiliency provides prescriptive measures in response to sudden disruptions, as well as preventative measures against operational vulnerabilities and threats. We believe the closer an organization moves toward true operational resiliency, the greater the value and benefit for stakeholders and shareholders.

Our COOP/COG services include:

  • Continuity of Operations Planning and Implementation
  • Secure Continuity of Operations with Alternate Sites and Facilities
  • Emergency Management Services and Solutions
  • Crisis Management Services and Solutions
  • Incident Management Services and Solutions
  • Enterprise Management and Monitoring Solutions
  • Independent Verification, Validation, and Rating of Continuity Capabilities