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Technology Consulting services focus on helping clients create business innovation through the use of information technology. We work with our clients on their toughest technology issues, aligning technology decisions with strategic, operational and financial goals.

ROM-FLEX offers a broad range of capabilities that focus on all aspects of the enterprise information components through its three primary practice areas:

  • Business Intelligence: including reporting strategy and technologies, solution design and implementation
  • Data Management: including data architecture and alignment, customer information management, operational information management, multi-system data synchronization
  • Information Technology Strategy: including IT strategy, governance and IT portfolio financial analysis

Business Intelligence

The focus of Business Intelligence is to help clients make better decisions. We help our clients understand what decisions are critical for their business, to identify the information components and sources for the decisions and to deliver the most effective solution to the business to enable the decision-making process. ROMFLEX's methodology enables forecasting, planning, analyzing, and the monitoring of customer, operations and financial information. For example, Business Intelligence services focus on gathering all customer and product data points across the enterprise and then putting them to work in the business forecasting, planning and innovation launch process.

Data Management

ROM-FLEX's Data Management services focus on designing and developing information management capabilities that are flexible, scalable and reliable. Our approach is to transform massive amounts of operational information into manageable information. We understand the data disparity issues that result from the traditional approach to systems integration, and how better information management can make organizations more efficient and increase profits. ROM-FLEX's methodology focuses on data accuracy, standards, integrity, quality and integration.

Information Technology Strategy

ROM-FLEX's IT Strategy services promote the importance of IT strategy that can rapidly react and adapt to changing business demands. We help our clients analyze their business plans, objectives and financials to define clear IT objectives and portfolio management approaches. Our IT Strategists address the difficult IT questions and decisions. For example, what technology will best enable organizations to attain their business goals? Will organizations achieve a positive return on their investment (ROI)? What options do organizations have available to fulfill their IT service needs? We are technology transformation specialists who understand IT portfolio management and optimization to deliver promised ROI.