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The citizen at the center of an information-based society (C2G)

Leading governments of the world have embraced the paradigm of citizen-centric governance. The quintessential approach is to ensure citizen-oriented service and support in a single window delivery. Flex C2G is a powerful instrument to provide citizen-centric one-stop delivery of support services through a variety of channels including web portals, assisted citizen services centers, call centers, automated self-service kiosks, mobile portals etc.

C2G provides a cost-efficient, easy-to-use solution for addressing a variety of citizen services,citizen can find information from government, automated services reduce strain on budget and resources, freeing staff to focus on more important issues. C2G play a vital role in streamlining citizen access to resources and up-to-date information. At the same time, it can reduce manual and redundant tasks and processes, so your employees can focus on delivering more and better service to citizens.

Delivering a rich, varied and consistent citizen connection is not just about improving levels of citizen service. Fundamentally it is about transforming how the citizen interactions are dealt with, and not just the quality of the engagement itself. Delivering services that are centered around the citizens' needs, rather than the business of government, is the primary objective for embracing a Citizen Interaction strategy. Flex C2G is potentially a powerful tool for administrative reform and anti-corruption,which enables more citizen oriented, transparent, accountable, effective, efficient and empowering government.

C2G can enhance the citizen connection in a number of ways, ensuring that:

  • Information provided to citizens and businesses is accurate and up to date
  • Information and services are available through all access channels
  • Transactions with citizens are seamless and automated
  • Processes are modeled and delivered around citizen needs
  • Investment in people and technology is maximized by consolidating repeatable services
  • Significant reductions in fraud and error are possible by closing the processing gap between front line services and back office processing.