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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

FlexERP business software integrates the information used by an organization's many different departmental functions into an unified computer system. It is designed to model and automate many of the basic processes of a business organization, from finance to the manufacturing management, with a goal of integrating information across the company and eliminating complex, expensive links between computer systems that were never meant to 'talk' to each other. It uses web as a platform to bring customers, vendors, suppliers, manufacturers and employees together.

For some years, the impact of IT systems on business competitiveness has become more apparent. Initially, re-occurring business tasks were automated. Soon software tools optimized day-to-day activities within the company. Today, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems are at the centre of gaining a competitive advantage for many organizations. Department based organizations, with vertical structures are integrating their business processes in response to the need to be effective, reliable and quick to anticipate the market needs. The employees need to understand each others task and continuously communicate with each other to work efficiently together.

A general understanding between departments is needed with a clear set of practices, and methodology. Rom-Flex ERP system is an ideal tool for providing this common understanding between departments. However, there are also inherent risks and costs associated with the integration of an ERP system - dont get bothered with these.

FlexERP is a complete web based accounting/ERP system that requires only a web-browser and pdf reader to use. It has a wide range of features;

  • Integrated accounting ERP system
  • Multi currency, Multi language (Arguably the First Nigerian Languages friendly ERP)
  • Multiple inventory locations
  • Full double entry, Sales Orders, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation
  • Sales Analysis report writer with export to CSV (Excel)
  • Multi-level Bills of Material
  • Pricing by customer, Discount matrix & Emailable pdf reports