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Payroll Solution (FlexPayroll)

The current manual process employed by agencies and parastatals charged with administering and preparing payrolls has over the years failed to effectively address the objectives of both the employers, employees and other stakeholders to the process; the federal and state authorities.

Flexpayroll is a proprietary web-based business solution developed by Rom-Flex Networks Limited to address the inefficiencies of payroll administration system specifically for Sub-Saharan market. The full-featured payroll system functionality is implemented in a manner that provides employers and employees (to the extent security policies permit) with a robust, data-driven user interface via a standard web browser. The central database provides the system's back-end (server-side) payroll service functionality with constant access to the data. The system implements and enforces compliance with a wide variety of tax-related and employment-related rules across federal, state and local jurisdictions relating, for example, to overtime pay, benefit limits, payment frequency, and scheduled reporting requirements.

FlexPayroll Solutions streamlines the payroll process, improves productivity and management reporting, and simplifies administration year-round. Once activated, it will calculate your payroll, including the deductions and withholdings for all relevant tax and pension jurisdictions. You will receive professionally printed checks/payslips, pay vouchers, and reports. Above all, your employees will be able to check and print thier payslips from anywhere with access to the internet, this reduces the cost of printing this payslips by your agency.

  • Enter data easily
  • Review pay details for individual employees
  • A controlled environment and secure access means you can feel confident submitting payrolls from anywhere, at any time
  • Receive complete tax payment and filing service
  • No need to print payslips for employees except absolutely required, this will save your agency money spent on stationaries
  • Add new taxes and banks instantly