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Motor Vehicle Registration System

The rising needs in various fields of endeavour are responsible for continuous technological research for solutions. In Government agencies responsible for Vehicle Registration, there is a growing expectation for faster service delivery, yet many vehicle authorities still have outdated renewal systems with complex, time consuming and costly fulfilling processes. With e-government initiatives expanding, motorists should quickly and conveniently access vehicle's license applications to order title plates and renewal stickers online. It is in this light that Rom-flex developed the Motor Vehicle Registration (MV-Reg)system.

The software helps motor vehicle agencies manage their licensing, registration and permitting from end to end, while enforcing licensing requirements and compliance. It tracks and manages vehicle registration and renewal details, including owners, criminal records, extension lots and license history. Fees are automatically calculated by using pre-defined business rules (as agreed with State Government) so that the potential of an error, which affects the proper collection of revenue, is greatly reduced. Also, it enables motor vehicle agencies (State accredited MV-REG agents) to enhance customer service through e-government by allowing citizens to complete secure transactions on-line, which has a high level of industry-standard security that helps prevent network and Internet fraud.

Rom-Flex vehicle system, MV-REG is equipped with an engulfing capacity to provide a holistic outlook while covering all aspects of vehicle registration processes such as:

  • Vehicle License, Registration, Insurance and permit issuance (VRC, ORC & IRC)
  • Full registration, sticker, & decal inventory audit and analysis
  • Full historical detail of vehicle's previous registration(s)
  • Curbs vehicle related crime and offences (Auto check module) and Integration with external identification and information sources
  • Fully state compliant and Electronic state reporting
  • Flexible search capability and Flexible previous owner lookup
  • Accommodates Excise only, New, Special Requirement, Transfer and Replacement requirements
  • Internal Revenue generation